My level of alpine skiing

Do you want to know your technical level? consult this chart to find out what color you are.

Yellow level

Principiante non ho mai sciato

Light green level

Changes of direction with snow plows at the school camp

Green level

Series of elementary curves in different environments

Blue level

Series of parallel ski turns in different environments

Red level

Parallel ski curves with pole support in different environments

Orange level

Intermediate, short, medium and wide curves in different environments

Black level

Short range, serpentine, parallel in different environments

Read our faq to find answers to the most frequent questions that skiers ask us.

The practice of skiing is recommended for children of about 4 years; however there are courses dedicated to 3-year-old children (“Mammolo Sci Alpino” course) followed by expert instructors and with suitable programs.

Lessons are refunded only if the ski area is not accessible, for example when all lifts are closed due to bad weather.

Skiing on the over thirty ski slopes of the Courmayeur Mont Blanc ski area is fun and safe. There are two sides: Chécrouit and Val Vény, with ski slopes for everyone: beginner skiers, experts, snowboarders and telemarkers. Modern and fast ski lifts reach the Courmayeur ski area overlooking Mont Blanc, the Roof of Europe, with ski slopes that are always in excellent condition thanks to the artificial snow.
Below we provide you with some links that can help you improve your stay in Courmayeur.

It is certainly true that with one’s own equipment and with the habit that one matures with it, one has more friendly sensations; it is equally true, however, that depending on the use made of it, you can think of renting it to always ensure up-to-date equipment with the latest technologies.

The equipment can be rented in the numerous rentals available both at the departure of all the castling facilities and directly on the ski area and more precisely in Plan Checrouit at the arrival of the Gigante cable car, or in Val Veny at the arrival of the Entrèves cable car.

Of course. However, it should be remembered that the helicopter tours are reserved for good level skiers.

Our school also has mountain guides on its staff with whom it is possible to organize crossings of the Valleé Blanche.

The helmet is mandatory up to the age of 14. However, everyone is advised to use the most important helmet and back protectors. In the Snowpark the helmet is mandatory for all ages.

There is a shuttle service that circulates along the main roads of Courmayeur serving the users of the facilities and stops near the three castling facilities. The frequency is continuous from the morning to 8h30 to 17h00.

The HARD board is a Race board that is suitable for the giant slalom and the beaten track where you can Carve reaching breathtaking inclinations. It is characterized by a flat tail, a low tip and has a rigid structure. It mounts a rigid binding with front lever for closing the boot that is similar to the ski one.
The SOFT board is a very manageable and light board that with the many geometries that characterize them is ideal for both beginners and riders who love Freeridee and Freestyle. It is equipped with a plastic “Soft” binding in which the “Soft” boots (very comfortable and warm shoe) are inserted and fixed. The soft boards are divided into two main categories, namely:
Freestyle Board: They are wider boards and allow you to position your feet at angles close to the transverse axis of the board, they are suitable for jumps, half pipes and jibbing on the track. Structurally they are more responsive. Freeride board: they have a longer tip than the tail and a more extended effective edge. They favor a good float in fresh snow and a good grip on the track.

Generally the “forward foot” is the foot that is used by reflex (eg the foot that you use to make a slide). To find out the best foot, try placing your back in front of a friend with your feet together and suddenly being pushed: the first foot that moves so as not to fall forward will probably be the most suitable foot to stay in an advanced position.
Two positions arise from the choice of the forward foot:
Goofie position – Walk with right leg forward.
Regular position – Left leg forward gait
Descent along the track with best foot towards the valley = FARWARD pace
Descent along the track with best foot towards the mountain = FACKIE OR SWITCH pace

The ski area is easily accessible with the three castling lifts in Courmayeur: Gigante cableway, Dolonne cableway and Val Veny cableway in Entrèves.

Our school offers this type of service. More details directly in the MiniClub section.

Courmayeur offers various possibilities after a day on the slopes, from the most exclusive aprè ski in the town center, to body care at the Terme di Prè St. Didier, or from the most exclusive shopping, to skating at the Forum Center where you can also try many others. activities: free climbing, squash, tennis and fitness center.

The appointment with the teacher is usually in front of the school offices in the area at Plan Checrouit and Prè de Pascal in Val Veny.

The number of lessons required for good learning is subjective, however on average good results can be achieved with just three 2-hour lessons.

My snowboard level

Yellow level

Beginner never set the table

Green level

I know how to slide and make a few turns

Red level

I know how to turn on blue slopes

Black level

I go everywhere