A family school

Family is our key word: ski and snowboard lessons and courses created for families by a large snow family

The Mont Blanc Ski and Snowboard School is the largest school in Italy. We are over 200 ski, snowboard and telemark instructors and instructors. Yet there is something that, despite the large number, binds us in a subtle way. It is that sense of participation that slowly, year after year, turns into a proud sense of belonging. In a word, it is a feeling of familiarity.

Familiarity is a feeling that arises above all from our history. Many of today’s teachers were once our pupils, children who took their first steps on the snow followed by teachers who are now their colleagues. This feeling of family and this sense of unity can also involve you who, even if only for a few days during the winter, from a simple pupil you can become friends with the masters of Mont Blanc.

A feeling of familiarity binds the teachers to each other and the pupils to their teachers.